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Well, since you are reading this article, nothing bad happened to you even if you explored electricity in childhood.

It is nearly impossible to live in the era of electricity and not to have been intimately acquainted with it.

When the Earth interacts with us, it attempts to decrease our gravitational potential, because we have a certain mass.

As part of this interaction, the Earth pulls us downward, and we let it, enjoying our ride down a mountain slope on skis or on a snowboard.

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To bring the stone half way up the mountain he would perform half of the work that he needs to perform to bring the stone all the way to the top.To do so it attempts to get as close as possible to the high-capacity source of an electrical field with the opposite charge, as long as other forces are not preventing it from doing so.If the electric charge of the objects is the same, each of the electrically charged objects attempts to decrease its electric potential by moving as far as possible away from the similarly charged source of a powerful electrical field.We know from our school physics lessons and from out everyday experiences that when we climb up a hill we overcome the force of gravity and perform work to do so.The forces of gravity, which we have to overcome, act in the potential gravitational field of the Earth.

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