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"Pretty much everywhere that malaria's a risk, there's people fishing with these nets." Some of the time the fishing was simple, and would just involve, "A couple people dragging a net through the water," Short says.She said the small-scale net fishing can provide a good source of protein and money without serious problems.She also said this can be good for women, who are often prevented from doing more profitable work.However, the researchers found wider, and more damaging, use of mosquito nets elsewhere.Fishery management methods include catching larger, full-grown fish that have had time to produce children.

The nets’ effectiveness is worrying some experts about possible harm to fish populations.Say hello to the latest innovation in the LOMO legacy, the ultra-talented LC-Wide.Featuring a specially designed 17mm Minigon 1 Ultra-Wide-Angle lens, every photo is taken to the widest extremes.The study describes cases, as in Bangladesh, where fishermen blocked entire river spans with mosquito nets.In these cases, Short says, "Obviously, absolutely nothing gets through.” Conflicting results Fishing with mosquito nets is illegal in many places to keep the fish population safe.

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