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Given that the issue is bigger than one museum, would Ethiopia bring up the matter with U. The Ethiopian Ambassador did not rule out the possibility.

“I hope that the two governments will, down the road, begin to talk about these things,” he stated.

V&A’s Director Tristram Hunt was quoted as saying: “They would be sent to Ethiopia on long-term loan, so ownership would remain with the museum.” “My answer is a quick no,” replied the Ethiopian Ambassador, emphasizing that Ethiopia is the rightful owner of the items.

“My government is not interested in loans, it is interested in having those objects returned.” The gesture from V&A was made on the eve of the museum’s current exhibition that opened on April 5th showcasing its Meqdela collection on the 150th anniversary of the battle.

Digua, a book of chant, atronse (book holder), a drum, and a processional cross are also seen here. Yared, a composer and a choreographer who lived in Aksum in the 6th century AD.

He mentioned the national museum in Addis Ababa along with other modern museums such as the ones in Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, and Harar as well as universities with active programs on cultural heritage management.The primary goal of the British invasion, which has been called “history’s most expensive hostage rescue operation,” was to free a group of European missionaries who were being held by Emperor Tewodros.The Ethiopian king had become upset after he failed to receive a reply to a letter that he had sent to Queen Victoria proposing to establish diplomatic and military alliance with his European counterpart.According to among the nearly two dozen objects featured at the V&A show include “a priestly gold crown, a gold chalice (both 1735-40), several processional crosses and imperial jewelry” that were forcefully removed from Ethiopia.Hailemichael, who attended the opening, indicated that he appreciated the public awareness value of the V&A exhibition.

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