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Bycer, who is married, and co-conspirator Misha Safyan, decided to lend a hand to singles and set themselves up as The Yentas, after the name of the matchmaker in “Fiddler on the Roof.” “I was always really drawn to that idea,” Bycer said.

“And I wanted to see what would happen if we took religious dating and secularized it a little bit.” To do that, they put out an online questionnaire, adapted from Safyan’s version that he uses to make matches at Burning Man, with questions that get to the heart of people’s personalities, such as, “How old is your inner child? you’ve done it.” Cantor said she’s come to a time in her life where sharing a community and similar life experiences — in her case, Jewish ones — is starting to seem important in a romantic partner.

The website, currently in its trial period, uses an algorithm to divide users into groups based on factors such as age and geographical location.

Users are asked to identify their gender as well as their sexual and romantic attraction to men and women on a sliding scale.

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Lila Cantor had no hesitation filling out the online questionnaire.That’s far down the line for Rosenbloom, but he did say a lot of his Jewish friends do use the kind of social programming that Siegel and Schonwetter set up as a way to meet people.“A good percentage of them do end up dating within the Jewish community,” he said.Human matchmakers then make the actual matches within those groups.Though dating only Jews can be limiting for queer Jews – “it’s not that big of a pool,” says Halpern – a shared religious background can be a big factor in understanding a romantic partner.

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