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MSN Chat Monitor is a network visibility tool to capture conversations of a MSN chat in your local network.It consists of a well-integrated set of functions that can be used to records MSN conversations automatically when your PC starts. MSN, Yahoo & ICQ multi IM with P2P search & download from Kazaa, edonkey & more .Its Server-less, requires No internet connection & Easy to install.

Visitors can ask questions, submit links, subscribe to your mailing list. This unique chat software features an easy-to-understand format for text-based conferences ...Corporate Messenger, Intranet Messenger, Lan Chat, Lan Chatting, Lan File Transfer, Lan Instant Messenger, Lan Messaging, Lan Messenger, Network Instant Messaging, Network Instant Messenger, Network Messaging, Network Messenger, Office Messenger Chat in Flash for your website with Messenger like administration software.Chat in Flash for your website with Messenger like administration software.Enable real time answers and dialog to your visitor, get their comments and personal data online, give them real time ... PCchat is a chat like application resembling a linux console.Full-featured& high-performance java chat server plus exciting flash chat client Full-featured,high-performance 123Flash Chat can integrate user db in forums or portals & has the most customized skin! With PCchat you can use your PC's functions much easier and faster than before by talking to your PC using a natural language as ... Build with compatibility in mind; this is one IRC client that will not disappoint.

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    Negative public perception played a role in Park Bom’s withdrawal from the variety show : “Park Bom said through her agency, YG Entertainment, ‘I am very sorry to all for having a great controversy because of me. “f(x)’s Sulli to Take a Break From All Entertainment Activities.” Soompi.

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    Private webcam conversations are limited to about 20 a day.