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However, the nature of fan fiction (where an author will normally update a chapter at a time) has blown that right out the window.Whenever my muse has decided to go on vacation I'm left reading the works of others. I can see them falling in lust, but there's no possible combination where Ron and Hermione could work.I think I would have cheered reading that with the thought, " him marrying Hermione.

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Then there's Dumbledore's continuing to allow Snape - and, later, Umbridge - to abuse students. Right from 'Day Two' in first year, Severus Snape was engaged in abuse; with his primary target being Harry Potter.They included, Hannah (who stuck up for him in Co S and in the DA), Susan, and Luna (). People may think I'm being unfairly harsh - and I received a number of 'hate' reviews for making Dumbles look like a bad guy in 'Five years ago you arrived at Hogwarts, Harry, safe and whole, as I had planned and intended. I knew I was condemning you to ten dark and difficult years."The magic I evoked fifteen years ago means that Harry has powerful protection while he can still call this house 'home.' However miserable he has been here, however unwelcome, however badly treated, you have at least, grudgingly, allowed him houseroom."That is definitely not the actions of a person who really cared for Harry.All three were also members of the DA, with Luna joining them as part of the 'Ministry Seven'. That is the actions of a man who was setting a poor boy up to be abused, and stay being abused. The books might not have covered abuse; but they certainly covered verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.He finds out a few things, and trains for years inside this strange place. Dumbledore Ron & Sirius bashing (no pairings)Harry falls into a small depression after the death of Sirius. Sorted into Slytherin she tries to blend into a world where everyone hides what they are from others.A year passes outside and the war against Voldemort is going badly. H/G, AU after Oot PHere's a short story set during Harry's third year. It takes a plucky Auror and a bookworm to get him back to normal. With a Light Lord interfering in Potter Family matters and a Dark Lord hell-bent on killing off the Potters, a cadet branch of the Potter family has to act. Their daughter, when she came, was untouchable for more reasons than one. When she saves Hermione Granger's life she proves her worth and finds herself protecting her Gryffindor friend from the dangers of his Hermione was worried.

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