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The scientific study of relationships evolved during the 1990s and came to be referred to as 'relationship science', Romantic relationships have been defined in countless ways, by writers, philosophers, religions, scientists, and in the modern day, relationship counselors.

Two popular definitions of love are Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love and Fisher’s theory of love.

Wills, trusts, etc., are left in their original form and family members need not be concerned about their future.

Parent-child relationships have always concerned people. In ancient times they were often marked by fear, either of rebellion or abandonment, resulting in the strict filial roles in, for example, ancient Rome and China.

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This association may be based on inference, love, solidarity, regular business interactions, or some other type of social commitment.Steinberg defines love in terms of intimacy, passion, and commitment, which he claims exist in varying levels in different romantic relationships.Fisher defines love as composed of three stages, attraction, romantic love, and attachment.The strain of internalized homo-negativity and of presenting themselves in line with socially acceptable gender norms can reduce the satisfaction and emotional and health benefits they experience in their relationships.It is also still considered by many to occupy a place of greater importance among family and social structures. Many older people choose not to marry because of their age, financial and family obligations.

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