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As a result, Rich became a Christian some 14 months later.Both brothers then saw the need to make Christ the priority in life, and the important call to tell others about Him. In 1977, twin brothers Dave and Rich Christiano left their hometown of Waterloo, New York and drove out to Hollywood, California with high hopes and big dreams.Then something happened that changed the whole direction of the Christiano Brothers lives.There were many delays and trials producing this film which added to the length of time it took to finally finish it. Rich also produced and directed the movie, which features the first major role for actor David White.

The name of Rich Christiano Films was later changed to Christiano Film Group in 1998. Also in 1990, Dave started filming two movies simultaneously that he wrote: a sequel to , which was filmed in Colorado. It took 52 days of filming over 16 months just to shoot the film as Dave had scenes in all four seasons.

The Daylight Zone was distributed throughout the United States and selected parts of the world.

It was seen by church groups, Christian schools, and camps.

This allowed Christian movies to come directly into homes and also saw more movies air on television.

The first five films from the Christiano Brothers were initially released on 16mm film, prior to being released on video. It was a college based story that he wrote, produced and directed. The movie came out in October 2002 and the Christiano Brothers formed a new distribution company, Five & Two Pictures, which released . This was a major production effort and step up for the Christiano Brothers.

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