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It follows years of discussion and fits into the school’s broader attempt to be more inclusive, he said.

The student handbook will be revised over the summer to clarify that students who aren’t employees are free to be in same-sex relationships so long as they’re not sexually active — the same expectation the school has for heterosexual students who are not married.

The NCAA referred questions about the dating policy to Abilene Christian officials. A federal statute enacted in 1972, Title IX, bars colleges that receive federal funding from discriminating on the basis of sex.

While school leaders are reluctant to risk losing their accreditation or ability to participate in the NCAA, they seem less worried about being policed by the U. The statute is now widely understood to ensure students are treated equitably in housing, admissions and athletics regardless of their gender identity, too.

But attempts to revise those policies can draw scrutiny and media attention — and can call up a litany of questions about how these rules can be enforced.

Does Abilene Christian’s policy “mean that if two guys go to a movie together, are they suddenly in a same-sex romantic relationship?

The religious exemptions have been used to exclude “women from particular courses of study that are designed to further priesthood or ordination” or to offer different counseling for male and female students about their career trajectories, said Kif Augustine-Adams, a law professor at Brigham Young University.Our desire is for young adults to come into relationship with Christ and experience Godly community with others in the context of Groups and ministry opportunities.Our Young Adult ministry also provides an environment where you can establish healthy relationships with others in your life stage that will encourage you and help strengthen your relationship with Christ.Augustine-Adams said no waiver has ever been denied and that the ones issued serve as a kind of “formal assurance” that documents schools' exemption.Abilene Christian has no plans to apply for a waiver.

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