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When we combine multiple lines using colon into one line, we're reducing the number of fetch cycles the processor must go through.

Our Suggestion: This change will bring minor difference in time due to faster processors today.

Hide Page Breaks: When we run a Microsoft VBA macro in a later version of Microsoft Excel, the macro may take longer to complete than it does in earlier versions of Excel.

Hence, turning off events will speed up our VBA code performance.

Use Worksheet Functions wherever applicable Do read full article to understand the logic behind them.

o In Microsoft Office Excel 2003 and in earlier versions of Excel, we click Page Setup on the File menu.

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At this point, if the object has no more references, the garbage collector will destroy the object and deallocate all its resources.

o We modify any of the properties of the Page Setup object in a VBA macro.

Refer to this Microsoft article for more details - Use 'WITH' statement when working with objects: If we have to access an object's properties and methods in several lines, we must avoid using object's name or fully qualified object path again and again.

Behind the scenes, VB still makes extensive use of pointers. This little piece of software tries to determine whether or not an object should be destroyed.

There are many ways to implement a garbage collector, but Visual Basic uses what is called the reference count method.

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