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In the film A Different Story the woman did cradle the guy it even appeared on the posters. She hugged me and lifted me in a bearhug and told me to wrap my legs around her waist. She carried me over to the kitchen counter and put me on it. I really missed the kids, my husband was working very much and traveled a lot while I was home a lot, working as a translator.

Anonymous I was lifted by my girl friend who is two four inch shorter than me but she's very i love to be carried by her on the hip coz its got some other hand to do something.I said to her that it was a good idea for you to get the bench and I was really happy she was looking good. When he was in my arms like this, very vulnerable, I felt more inloved with him than in many years. He never says anything, he just accepts it and I know he likes it.I didn't get a chance to watch her work outbecause of my hours but did notice that she had 75lbs. Something new also happened, I am always on top when we make love, he actually caresses my muscles when we make love, I have quite big biceps and shoulder muscles for a woman in her 50's, and I have a lower body to match.One evening we were standing in front of our big bedroom mirror.It was so obvious now who got the muscles so we both laughed. She then turned to me and lifted me up in her arms and told me I was her baby.

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