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Now 22, Hilley keeps his diploma in a leather suitcase, a place of safekeeping and pride.The adult high school, known as Hamilton County High School, is past Harrison Bay, just off Highway 58 — nowhere near a bus line.*** Smith, who was recently named to the Hamilton County Board of Education, worries about the kids who don't have a way to get to the adult high school.Many dropouts realize a few months — or years — later that they made a mistake, he said, but they don't have a way to correct it.In 2008, a location was set to open downtown at 1200 Grove St.with an estimated annual operating cost of about 0,000.

At Red Bank, he said, it was easy for him to slip through the cracks.It was a gold Honda Civic that got Roger Hilley back and forth to adult high school at the northern tip of Hamilton County.Hilley was 18, he had already been kicked out of two schools, and this was his last shot at earning a diploma.Many students rely on rides from family and friends, and many students across the county aren't able to attend because of the location.Soon after Hilley walked across the stage grasping his diploma in 2013, another high school dropout, Luis Landgrave, used the same gold Honda Civic to get to the school.

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