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Then suddenly out of no where, he hears a high pitched whine ringing sound due to his connection with Jor-El and falls off the roof, but Clark manages to save him.

Clark presses for what just happened, but Jonathan angrily says, "Damn it, Kal-El.

When Jonathan decided to run for a seat in the Kansas Senate against Lex Luthor.

Jonathan won the senatorial seat, but after a physical altercation with Lionel Luthor, whom he believed was trying to exploit Clark's abilities, Jonathan suffered a heart attack and died.

A longtime farmer, he ran the Kent Farm until he was elected Senator from Kansas.

Later, Jonathan reveals to Clark that the Key in fact isn’t in the wall but is still out there. Jor-El transferred his own Kryptonian power to Jonathan so he could bring his son home, these powers instantly disappeared after the red kryptonite ring was destroyed: He was the son of Hiram and Jessica Kent.

He lived in Smallville on the Kent Farm his whole life.

He was buried in Smallville Cemetery, adjacent to his family's farm.

Sometime later, Jonathan's spirit appeared to console Clark and even attended his wedding.

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