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A short, uncontroversial explanation of Neo-Tech should be acceptable. I certainly don’t know anything of the philosophy, and so I cannot contribute anything myself; so there’s your explanation.

—Cast (talk) , 30 January 2011 (UTC)Well, the problem isn’t that those who know of Wallace are unaware of this.

I am a 5'8"tall female with red hair and green eyes. 31 years old, Enfield, Connecticut, United States Do you have a crazy sex drive?

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Im looking for the man that can treat me right and fuck me… 24 years old, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States I'm bi sexual I love men women I'm bi sexual so I don't really care if ur male or female and I love to play soccer and volly ball I'm very active I love to…After my father died, this “Bi” harbored an obsession to destroy my father, his works, credibility, reputation and legacy.“Bi” proliferated across the web the idea that Neo-Tech Mediation Page: Requests_for_mediation/Frank_R._Wallace After browsing through those four Talk pages (four links directly above), remember that Jimmy Wales saw all this yet seemed blind to the obvious: a person obsessed with destroying someone featured on Wikipedia, stalking his page and finding excuses to remove positive or even neutral remarks, can cause a much greater negative force at work than a positive or neutral force.The problem is that there is little or no third party references to him and his work, so that we have little mandate to add this information to the article.Until a third-party reference to his opinions on biological immortality is made, we can’t include it here.

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