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so the top and bottom cowl essentially touch, but don't overlap.

My question is, did the cowl design change at some point, or is trimming this flange off a bad idea and Vans just updated the drawings.

Wednesday morning around 0800 I flew the RV for .3hrs, just long enough to scoot over to the lake and get some pics of the Saharan Dust event currently covering our neck of the woods. The more interesting part for me was turning back to the field, flying away from the sun. That the viz should be so crummy 180* the other way was an interesting paradox. If you have experienced low fuel pressure warnings, we recommend you review the change notification and use that information to assess your aircraft.

I heard Kay call his takeoff at 52F, then saw a white dot climb up over a tiny field of green trees. The remediation steps described in the notification include determination of which sensor unit is installed and new EFIS settings, as well as the optional installation of a different model electric fuel pump, which is identical in size and can be installed in the same location and using the same fittings as the original model pump.

Vans Aircrafts part number for this pump is ES 40135, and the Facet part number is 40135. Mating the center section to the aft fuselage was a pain, the side skins were easy.

Quantity one (1) Vans part number ES 421-0107 CONNECTOR is also required. Let me rephrase that, clecoeing the side skins was easy, I'm not trying to jinx myself for the conical bends tomorrow. We are beyond thrilled with the execution of the design our son (a twenty something) and Jonathan came up with for the RV-7A.

This is our side by side comparison: A 9A visited the Van Cave this past weekend, and it had little inspection windows near the tail that caught my eye. Clicking the link will enlarge the image to however big your monitor is. The cheapskate in me got tired of buying AA batteries, so I let it sit there for months and months inop. It fits a 1/16" drill perfectly into the centre of the tube, and the tube fits snugly in the 3/32" hole already in the wedge.

Once it's centre drilled (and at the correct angle too), i then updrill to 3/32" to match the hole in the AEX wedge.

I had Vic helping me, and I highly recommend Vic Syracuse.I don't see any changes in the instructions, but they are pretty high level anyway.I'd ask Vans but I have a question into email for a week already and thought you all might know.To some, an insurance company is just an insurance company, but to us, we truly care about our clients and want to make sure you are properly covered in the event of a claim.From having our own claims advisor that works for you, to creating amazing relationships with our underwriters, Gallagher takes every step possible to make sure we are doing are the very best for you.

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