Advice from guys on dating

A little while ago, I asked Derek Cajun, Love Systems CEO and top instructor, to put Love Systems to the test online.

Cajun was the natural choice for this, since he’s one of the most experienced Love Systems instructors.

I'd ask guys what they were doing to get women interested, and most of them couldn't explain it. And the other cool thing is that when you know how this "emotional code" works, you'll be able to repeat your successes. Here are a couple tips I learned along the way that will help you...

I call this technique "Tease to Please", and it works because it short-circuits a woman's usual defense mechanisms against meeting 'strange' men.

Check it out here: And while I'm unable to give a precise answer I am aware of the tools I used to get good quickly.Instead of complimenting a woman when you first meet her, take the opportunity to gently tease her.Don't make it cruel, but tease like you would on the playground as a kid: "You're not bad looking ... I don't want to catch anything from you." By using the Dating Dynamics methods, you will flip her Trust switch in her head.I felt myself blaming them for my situation, even though I knew they weren't the problem.It was very tempting to give up and just write women off completely. If there were things other guys were doing that could get women interested in them, I could figure out what that was, and then learn it and use it myself. The truth is that once you do figure out the method they're using (and I eventually did), it's simple.

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