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I guess the one thing that I can say in favor of snakes is that they can be beautiful.

But for the average person, the bad would much more than outweigh the good when it comes to owning a snake or even multiple snakes.

I have tried just about every combination you can think of, and I have concluded that the two most important factors in the The language and targeting works very well for both male and female targeted ads.

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For example, most household dogs that I know can be trusted around toddlers. They can cuddle, they can play, and they can let you know when they want to be left alone.That shouldn't reflect on the thousands of responsible keepers out there I have a Madagascar giant day gecko. He's probably one of the prettiest lizards I've ever seen and very interactive.I can't handle him because his skin is so delicate, but he's still one of my favorite pets. He has a sign on his door saying, Beware of snakes. My favorites are Fat tailed Geckos and Ball Pythons.I talked about a few tips for increasing Facebook ads CTR before, but I wanted to go a step further.I’m going to analyze the differences in ad styles and languages when targeting men or women, and how the differences affect profitability.

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