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* Beer contains many calories but has relatively low nutritional value.

Those individuals who replace their meals with these empty calories can suffer from nutritional deficiencies that damage their body organs.

When most people hear the word they will have a picture of a certain type of person in their mind. The reality is that alcoholics might: * Only ever drink expensive beers or wines.

The stereotypical alcoholic is someone who: * Drinks cheap hard liquor – maybe from a paper bag. The only reason why some alcoholics choose cheap hard liquor is that is all they can afford.

Beer contains alcohol and those who abuse it will develop problems.

One of the main reasons why people view beer drinking safe is that they are basing their opinion on stereotypes. * Is unable to hold down a job or if they are employed they will be underproductive. * Becomes verbally or physically aggressive when they drink. * Wears cheap clothes and doesn’t take care of their personal hygiene. * Is a failure in life and usually comes from an underprivileged background. * History of legal problems as a result of their behavior while intoxicated.

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* Those who abuse alcohol are far more likely to commit domestic and other types of violence.* Beer contains many calories – one bottle of beer can contain as many as 430 calories.Those who drink excessively can become obese and develop health problems as a result.There is a common misconception that people who drink beer are somehow less likely to become alcoholic than other types of drinkers.This is a complete myth and it can give people a false sense of security.

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