Animal attraction dating

In Animal Attraction one woman who always makes bad choices undertakes a series of tests, based mostly in the natural world, in order to see if one of seven male contestants would be right for her.

Each episode has a particular theme – such as smell, sound or communication- and contains two experiments: one grounded in nature- such our woman sniffing each man’s urine, or listening to them roaring in the woods – and one more adapted to human life – such as interpreting body language.

It is dog lovers who are the most likely to prioritize their furry pals though: almost a third of dog lovers (31%) would end a relationship if their dog did not like the new beau – while only 25% of cat people would call time on a romance if their cat wasn't happy.

So why are Australian singles so attracted to people with pets?

This is especially true if a pet is poorly - 50% of Australian pet owners would cancel a date to spend time with their sick animal.Scores are given and the ‘Alpha Male’ in each episode is rewarded with a themed date.After the first three episodes, which also feature facts and footage from the natural world, our men start to get eliminated – sometimes with a ‘sniffoff’ - until we are left with three in the final episode. It’s one of our most popular romantic fantasies, idealized in movies, books and music. Scientists have been researching this phenomenon for decades and are discovering that when it comes to finding that special someone, your nose, not your eyes, may be your most powerful guide.According to the folks in white coats, the clues to true love may be lurking as close as your laundry basket — specifically in your sweaty T-shirts, guys.

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