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This was why for the longest time I'd pretend to be a guy on the internet and pick GENDERNEUTRAL or masc. Being picked up by a self-professed married man "whose wife doesn't mind" at age 14 in an aol CHESS chatroom freaked me out. Since this all stemmed from the world of role play, some guys would get really angry when I didn't create a new character to be the romantic interest of their character, and further annoyed when I refused any sort of sexual role play after finally caving into the first demand.

) and was reminded that I dealt with a lot of creepers when I was younger. I can't get online on any screen name that he knows. Or should I tell him I didn't see him and went out the back? That, coupled with his belief in being reborn and being destined to once again meet the love of his previous life in his current life, I don't think he looked (or thought) very far ahead into the future. I did end up meeting (and staying in contact) with one really awesome (female) person, but I had a lot of older guys vying for my attention. I can't remember when, but I remember at one point thinking it would suck if I never made it to 18 years old because of the world ending.We'd met in one of the role playing chat rooms on AOL and eventually realized that we lived in the same state (though, he was about 30 minutes outside of my city). He was tall, lanky, black hair, and wore a dark cabbie hat. He always looked brooding in pictures he'd send to me.

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