Are attractive women intimidating to men

Join my private Facebook Community for FREE Are you too smart for your own good?It has never been scientifically proven that men prefer beauty over brains.

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You’re smart enough to know that you don’t need to see him again if he isn’t a fit.

Successful flirting is largely based on how you make a man feel.

If you’re hammering your point home and drilling it into your date that you’re right and he’s wrong instead of seeming smart you’ll seem mean.

Don’t make the mistake of getting into heated debates or having to be right with a man you don’t know that well. What you’ve accomplished in life is no indication that you would make a great partner.

He probably isn’t worth the energy and you’ll come across like the bully. When I know something I don’t attribute it to the political science class I had freshman year or the environmental studies course I took in Italy while studying abroad. In dating, the women who are constantly reminding men, into college.

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