Are eun hye and jong kook dating

A girl's entitled to her fantasies so please bear with me :p Park Soo Jin has a major crush on Kim Jong kook and she appeared in X- Man about twice when Kim Jong Kook was still around.Apparently, she seem upset when she was not paired with Kim Jong Kook in games. KJK later on changed to his suit for the to our source for providing this info and also to JYC. The wedding started at 3 pm but she was already there hours before, she was helping out at the reception.Yun Eun Hye who is unable to ignore her busy schedule comprising of Korean and overseas commmitments, but still she happily accepted the invitation to appear in Jong Kook MV which took place on the outskirts of Seoul. i thort they were taken when she was on her way to KJKs bros wedding.. Yeh arrived very early so she was there to help out at the occasion.Kim Jong Kook who will appear in the MV as a memory of a guy in the MV is what has caught the attenton and curiousity of everyone though. She was already there way before the first guests arrived. one for the honored guest/family and the other one set at alater time for friends .

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So only KJK and YEH will appear together in the MV with their backs to the camera. i thort they were taken when she was on her way to KJKs bros wedding.. ) Endurance[color=#000099], just wanna let you know.. There's always some juicy details about my most favouriite couple that i will never know if i don't read your posts! I'll respect your decision ' About the wedding thing, this actually shows that YEH is close enough to KJK's family to not feel awkward spending the whole day there with them. This year marked the 18 years of Kim Jong Kook in Korean entertainment.To commemorate his achievement and celebrate his birthday, let's recap the ladies who simply look compatible with him.this week and candidly discussed his camaraderie and chemistry with former X-Men cast mate Yoon Eun Hye.Kim Jong Kook teasingly admitted to about wanting Yoon Eun Hye to guest on RM one of these days as he really enjoyed working with her on variety.

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