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Looking for erotica, sex dating advice, and information about sex?At Adult, we have thousands of articles and member blogs devoted to sex, and sex dating.Most Chams settled in Albania, while others formed émigré communities in Turkey and the United States, and today their descendants continue to live in these countries.Since the fall of Communism in Albania, Chams have campaigned for right of return to Greece and restoration of confiscated properties.After the occupation of Greece, large parts of the Muslim Cham population collaborated with Italian and German forces.This fueled resentment among the local Greek population and in the aftermath of World War II the entire Muslim Cham population had to flee to Albania.

The local Greek population also calls them Graeco-Chams (Ελληνοτσάμηδες, Elinotsamides), Cham communities now mostly exist in Albania, the United States and Turkey, as a result of their expulsion from their homeland, Chameria in Greece after World War II. Chameria is the name applied by the Albanians to the region formerly inhabited by the Chams, along the Ionian coast from Konispol to the north to the Acheron valley south.

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Following the Italian occupation of Albania in 1939, the Chams became a prominent propaganda tool for the Italians and irredentist elements among them became more vocal.

As a result, on the eve of the Greco-Italian War, Greek authorities deported the adult male Cham population to internment camps.

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