Aspx gridview updating

The Grid View Part action method below handles the grid's callbacks.

The Grid View extension can be bound to an IQueriable or IEnumerable collection of model class instances.

I could really use a complete example of a simple Grid View, markup and code behind both, that included all the common things you need a Grid View to do: Create a Data Table or Data Set, Fill the Grid View, Edit, Cancel Editing, Updating , Sorting, Paging. ' str Query = "Select * from Employer where " & ddl Search By.

Selected Value & " like '%' '" & searchtext & "' '%'" ''This might work instead of the Select Case above, but I'd have to figure out how to handle the "View All" option. I don't know if that's causing problems, but I just want to focus on a simple but complete example right now.

Before you start, make sure your project is prepared for using Dev Express ASP. See this topic to learn how to prepare your project: Integration into an ASP. Model The data model class is used to represent data records in a database.

Each instance of a data model class will correspond to a row within a database table, and each property of the data model class will map to a column within a database table.

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