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Being a tad skeptical or afraid to update your motherboard's BIOS is perfectly natural behavior, especially since you can cause irreversible damage to your computer by missing a step or doing something wrong.

If you've faced any such situation and want to stop updating apps automatically, follow the steps in this guide.

Monetisation features in the game have also become more aggressive and get in the way of an otherwise great experience.Many smartphone users download far too many apps for them to keep updating each one manually.Luckily, the major app platforms all have automatic app updates now, and the default setting for this is 'On'.Basically, all you have to do is to decide whether to use the online or offline modes, provide the application with the required file (in case you chose the offline mode) and follow the on-screen instructions.Given that this application is quite dated, its interface is not exactly eye-catching, but given the profile of the program, this can be easily overlooked, especially by users who don't put too much stress on looks and prefer efficiency.

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