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lang=En&n=24F7211B-1 Stem Cell Information (National Institutes of Health) - https://gov/ Stem Cell Institute, Harvard - State of North America’s Birds (North American Bird Conservation Initiative): surveys show nearly a third are endangered - Stem Cell Resources (AAAS): AAAS Board statements, resources, correspondence, news - https://org/news/stem-cell-resources Stem Cell Resources (Bio Science Network): with image library - Stem Cells at the National Academies - Structure of the Human Body: human anatomy (Loyola University); click on Educational Resources- the Human Genome - Transgenic Crops: genetically modified plants (Colorado State U) - Crops/Vesalius Online Human Anatomy - Virtual Body: brain, skeleton, heart, digestive tract - Virtual Labs: 31 biology labs, from Mc Graw-Hill (Flash Player) - Virtual Microbiology (U of Wisconsin) - Visible Human Project - Plants: data and digital images for 90,000 plant speciments - Web Anatomy (U Minnesota): interactive site with graphics, self-tests - Wetlands International - World Wildlife Fund - World’s Biomes - Worldwide: maps, reviews, zoo cams - All topics | Advertising | Accounting | Banking | Companies | Companies-BC and Local | E-commerce | Economics | Finance, commerce, investment | Human resources | International trade | Journals, news | Management | Office | Patents and trademarks | Small business | Statistics | Yellow pages, directories Admin Assist: back office service - Dictionary (Web Finance): over 20,000 business-related terms - Business Dictionary (Babylon) - Industrial Reports: US reports on manufacturing, mining, construction - Science and Economic Development Canada - Business Pages - at Wharton School of Business: research on current business topics (free registration) – Canadian Industry database (U of Alberta Libraries) - Advertising Age - Ad*Access: historical ads 1911-1955 - https://edu/dc/adaccess Ad Council: public service campaigns that have made a difference, 1942-present -

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