Automatic updating pivot table

It sounds easy but I just can't figure out how to do it or even how to research the question.A reader named Julie has a regular chart that is linked to a pivot table. Before that we have to format source table as Table Click somewhere on the source table.

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Let’s start with this dummy data in a list (I’m using Excel 2003). Drag the Item field to the Rows area, the Category field to the Columns area, and the Value field to the Data area. Now create a regular chart from this pivot table, using series in columns, one series per item in the Category field, Category entries (alpha and beta) as series names, and the item names as category (X) axis labels.

Before After Whether you change the State field or numbers in the Amount field, when you want to see those changes immediately represented in your pivot table, follow these simple steps: Step 1 Right-click your worksheet tab, and left-click to select View Code.

Step 2 Paste the following code into the large white area that is your worksheet module.

You must do it manually using menu “Change Data Source”.

So this is the question, how can I do it automatically?

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