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John's Institute FC and they are nicknamed The Cherries, and Boscombe.

Burnley have been Football League Champions twice, in 192060, have won the FA Cup once, in 1914, and have won the Community Shield twice, in 19. Chelses FC, founded in 1905, are actually based at the Stamford Bridge ground in the west London district of Fulham (not adjacent Chelsea). In the 1960s the club had some success but the 1970s and 1980s were a turbulant period.

They hold the record for the longest "uninterrupted" period in the English top flight, and have an estimated worldwide fan base of 27 million. Unbeaten record in League from the start of a season 38 (All Season) - Arsenal (FA Premier League) 2003/04Unbeaten sequence in the FA Premier League 49 - Arsenal 2002/03 - 2003/04 - 2004/5 This is an all time unbeaten league sequence!

AFC Bournemouth was founded in 1890 as Boscombe St.

Their Falmer Stadium is also known as the American Express Community Stadium, or simply the Amex.

Brighton initially played in the Southern League before being elected to the Football League in 1920.

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