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When you aren't up front about your baldness, dating involves a certain degree of deception, which isn't a healthy place for a relationship to start.

I knew that people were taking me, literally, at face value, when my appearance was something I'd meticulously crafted over hours in the privacy of my own bathroom.

If the right guy came along, he'd be comfortable with the truth — which he did, and he is.

Dating, and at times existence, is a terrifying prospect for bald women because of the negative portrayals of hairless women to which we've all been conditioned. On the flipside, bald men can occupy positions of great power, influence and even be considered attractive, as opposed to frightening and alien.

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Alopecia affects around two per cent of the Australian population, which is close to half a million people.(I wear a wig in public simply because it makes everyday interactions easier and means I can avoid questions about cancer, religious extremism and what is endlessly baffling, lesbianism. Will it be cold enough to wear a hat for added security?So I also wear a wig on dates to make my partner feel comfortable, despite the fact my own discomfort increases exponentially as a result. What if he feels the base of my wig while we're kissing?I've experienced alternating periods of complete baldness to having a full head of hair, but for the past three years I've had no head hair, no eyebrows and have lost most of my eyelashes. Particularly as a young woman — someone whose physical appearance is weighted above all else as her most defining and valued characteristic.Before each date, there is a checklist of questions for me to consider, most of which are wig-related.

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