Beauty and brains intimidating

So you’re starting to get a better understanding of how the brain works.” This greater resolution is helping neuroscientists to look at patients on a more individual basis.

“For years, neuroimaging has taken a group of schizophrenics, for example, and a group of healthy individuals and said, on average, what is the difference between these two groups of people?

Now they’re all paying attention, the next step is to make them move.

“It’s like an opera singer singing at a wine glass,” says Jones.

A blanket gives extra comfort and earplugs protect the ears from the loud rhythmic pulses and bloopings of the scanner.

Finally, an antenna-like receiver coil is slid over the volunteer’s head.

They then attempt to train their mind by manipulating brain activity as they see it in the projection.

Magnetic strength is measured in Teslas and a standard hospital scanner is 1.5 Tesla, or roughly 1,500 times stronger than the average fridge magnet.Functional imaging normally involves completing some sort of task.Remembering numbers on a screen or engaging with emotional faces, for example.And in MRI, the right note is about the frequency of BBC Radio 2.When the waves are taken away, the hydrogen atoms snap back to their equilibrium position, lining up with the magnetic field once more.

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