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As well, most of the cast are from Australia and New Zealand. The characters are first seen in the middle of an escape from a space prison in which they commandeer a living ship, who, with her Pilot, is a character in herself.

An American astronaut, flung into the middle of this by an inconvenient wormhole, is our entry into a truly strange universe.

She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 14.6 years.

Claudia Lee Black was born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

Xhalax came to young Aeryn's bedside one night and confessed this, explaining that she wanted her daughter to know the truth.

Unfortunately, Aeryn's mother was caught, and faced with an awful choice—branded as a traitor, Xhalax was told that she would have to murder either her daughter or the man she loved to prove her continued worth to the Peacekeepers, and show that she considered what she had done a mistake.

Born like most Peacekeepers—aboard a command carrier, Aeryn Sun was raised in a military life of rules and honor above all else.

Raised to be a soldier and a Prowler pilot, she was taught nothing of love, family, or what it meant to worry for the safety of her peers—at least, not beyond wanting her comrades to live for the sake of the mission.

Her makeup makes her look like a character from a black and white film from the 1930s.

After filming, they discovered they were both represented by the same Voiceover agency. She has appeared in two different series in which her character lived in or visited the Lost City of Atlantis: in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Atlantis (1997), she played Cassandra, a scientist living in the city, while in Stargate SG-1: The Pegasus Project (2006), she played Vala Mal Doran, a regular character on that series, who visited the city, located in the Pegasus galaxy.

There has been much debate on the various scifi bulletin boards concerning her actual birth year.

The problem of an ageless lead character who has to be played by an aging actor (a problem particularly for Angel on Buffy and Angel) is solved in a unique way.

The Doctor, the last of the vanished race of Time Lords, from time to time regenerates and re-appears in a different form.

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