Benefits of updating job descriptions

Employers can gauge employees' performance against the job description, and provide corrective guidance if an employee is performing at a sub-par level. New hires and newly promoted employees should receive a written job description so that they know exactly what the company expects of them, NOLO advises. Including the phrase "other duties as assigned" can prevent employees from claiming that a reasonably assigned task falls outside their duties, the Business Management Club website advises.

Employers should avoid basing adverse performance evaluations on poor performance of tasks that are not clearly spelled out in a job description, U. Working hours, pay rates, specific duties and any overtime expectations allow employees to be productive from the beginning of their tenure on the job, NOLO and U. Employers should update the job description periodically, however, so that it reflects an accurate representation of an employee's actual duties, NOLO recommends.

Employers can use a job description to evaluate the performance of each employee, NOLO advises.

Job descriptions can also determine how to make pay raise and promotion decisions.

In a survey, HR professionals responded on how often they review and revise job descriptions: If you’re not in the 25%, it’s time to re-prioritize job descriptions.

"Language is always changing, and that means that language that worked to attract candidates last year won't be the same language that will work in 2018," Kieran Snyder, co-founder and CEO of "Since language patterns are always shifting, job posts should be updated as regularly as possible." From the CEOs to seasonal employees, every job description should be broken down into a few main categories.

A job description is like a "snapshot" that serves as a concise definition of a particular job function within a company, according to human resources consultant Judith Lindenberger, MBA, writing for the Business know-how website.

Blank specializes in social policy analysis, current events, popular culture and travel.If that's the case, make sure any reference to these elements has been removed.Keep Americans with Disabilities Act compliance in check, too.When recruiting, review with the manager to make sure it’s accurate.When interviewing, discuss the functions of the job with the candidate.

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