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Over 20 kids and the price changes to the next price bracket.

Same rule apples for extra kids over 30 head count. ADDITIONAL TIME: For Social Playdates and Weekday parties, if we can accommodate more than 2.5 hours, every extra half hour will cost .00.

The Department regulates and controls the size, number and quality of vehicles on Bermuda's roads as well as their operation.

It alone is the authoritative regulatory authority in Bermuda for all aspects of private and public transport.

At The Playtrium we offer our service as well as a great venue to ensure that parents can enjoy their child’s party as much as the children do.

We hope to create lots of happy memories for you and your children!

They will deliver everything to us on the day of your party making it one less thing you have to worry about!Presently, there is no limit on the number of mopeds or scooters a family may have.All persons driving cars in Bermuda must have a valid Bermuda-issued driving license, issued only to Bermudians or residents (see above).We have clean cake knives, spatulas and cupcake tiers in our kitchen.You may bring in beer and wine for the adult guests who might stay and have a chat.

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