Bill 719 dating

The law allows a judge to confiscate every firearm in a household because one person there has ever has a DUI conviction.

The law provides no help whatsoever for a person who has been accused of being suicidal.

In fact, an amendment that would have called for some minimal intervention was not even considered.

The law provides NO protection for people who are living in the household of a person who has been accused of being a danger to others.

I know that many in Oregon are VERY upset that SB 719 passed. SB 719 calls for the forced confiscation of property by the police with no due process, no accusation of a crime let alone conviction of a crime.

Each declaration state shall: (1) inform the public about its student achievement assessment system, (2) report annually on student progress toward the state's proficiency standards by specified student groups, and (3) provide for the equitable participation of private school children and teachers in the same manner as provided for under current law.

Once you have filled a sheet out (read the instructions carefully on the cover sheet and down below on this page) send them in to the addresses listed.

Here are the two sheets to download to go gather signatures: Instructions for Circulators Only active Oregon voters may sign a petition.

The bill’s passage also quickly attracted national notice.

Although procedurally bills and resolutions are assigned to only one committee at a time, other committees may review the bill or resolution.

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