Bipolar disorder and dating relationships

You may decide you don’t mind being around their struggle if they have a good therapist who they see weekly.A lot of anxiety stems from feelings of uncertainty.It can be made manageable through medicine and therapy.If you happen to be dating someone with bipolar disorder here are some tips to help you.Keeping informed through reading, keeping a non-judgmental tone when conversing with them about the disorder, and remaining hopeful yet realistic are all key.Their strengths may mesmerize you so much that you cannot find another individual by whom you are so captivated.As mentioned above, they must have a true diagnosis of Bipolar.People with bipolar are known to self-harm and may test your patience.

You may have been drawn to their sensitive and caring heart.

If you are not comfortable with that type of thing, that’s okay also.

It’s also important not to go into diagnosing your partner with bipolar disorder if they have not told you they have it.

You may be drawn to the strengths of your partner and find you are willing to support them in their struggles and hopeful healing through therapy.

The diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder has increased greatly over the past ten years.

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