Bisexual dating show

The bisexual nude model, who’s touted as having the most popular profile on My Space, will debut “A Shot at Love” on MTV Oct. It will feature 30 contestants who live together and are put through various competitions to win over the Singapore-born hottie, who’ll whittle down the list at the end of each episode.

“May the better sex win my love,” she writes on her blog.

“I think there’s an innate curiosity in wondering what is going to make Tila decide between a man and a woman. I would’ve expected that from Lauren but not Heidi.

It makes for a compelling piece of programming that you just can’t take your eyes off of.” Di Santo says Tequila is now a “member of the MTV family.” That doesn’t mean she’s hosting “Total Request Live” or doing brunch with L. However, Tequila did have a recent run-in with “Hills” villainess Heidi Montag in the ladies room at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. So now I’m a big fan of Heidi and Spencer.” Tequila will host MTV’s live masquerade-themed New Year’s Eve programming.

“I’ll be able to say some things I never got to say to a few of them.

Tell a few of them off.” “A Shot at Love,” which has featured an ample amount of reality TV bawling and brawling, has ignited some blogworthy buzz for MTV, the aging cable network that’s spent the past few years attempting to gain a foothold in the digital world.

As icky as that might sound, in a perverse way, you have to give the show credit.

A post on After, a site focusing on lesbian and bisexual women in the media that posts video commentary on the series, questioned whether Tequila was the ideal representative for bisexuals.

But it -style template, with 13 suitors living together in one house; they’ll be eliminated one by one until the finale, in which the eligible bachelor picks his prince charming.

To be clear, this is not the first time gay people have been featured as part of a dating show’s template—or even the first time they have been the subject of a reality dating show.

The 25-year-old male film student selected last month by Tequila on her popular MTV reality dating show is no longer – or maybe never was – dating the 26-year-old bisexual Internet celebrity.

During MTV’s live New Year’s Eve programming, Tequila said that Banhart had broken up with her because of her hectic work schedule. “He broke up with me.” However, Banhart said in a Dec.

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