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On others, such as Hinge and Tinder, users can only use their photos or a one-sentence profile\u00a0to signal if they want to Make America Great Again, or they’re still With Her.\n91 percent of liberals on say they will judge potential dates negatively for having voted for Trump, and 53 percent say they are more likely to ask a potential date about their political views since the election.\n\n Many D. singles say you can learn a lot from a profile picture.Wendel said if she saw a photo of a man holding a Black Lives Matter poster, it would signal his liberal values, while a photo of a man hunting or fishing would turn her off.\u00a0\u201c We have to face the reality that more and more people in D. are people who support Trump,\u201d she said.\n And if arguing about politics on a date still doesn\u2019t sound all that romantic, there could be an unexpected upside to regularly debating politics with a partner.\u201c It can bring out passion, which can translate to a passion in the bedroom! She should know \u2013 she\u2019s a professional.\n","excerpt":"In a city where over 93 percent of residents did not vote for the current president, District of Columbia singles are increasingly advertising their political preferences in online dating profiles and shying away from dating outside party lines.\n","permalink":"https:\/\/\/story\/17\/04\/18\/dating-d-c-changed-trump-era-dating-apps-data-singles-say-yes\/","current Slug":"dating-d-c-changed-trump-era-dating-apps-data-singles-say-yes","created":"2017-04-18T","modified":"2017-05-24T","time":"Apr 18, 2017","timestamp":1492502484,"timestamp GMT":1492516884,"image Data":,"post Meta":,"audio":,"beat":"Local","beat Slug":"local","slug":,"promoted":"","related Posts":[,,,,],"tags":[,,,,,,,],"authors":[],"author Override":false,"gallery Data":null,"current Collection":{"collection":,"previous":20,"next":22,"stories":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{"ID":1121138,"guid":"https:\/\/\/story\/17\/03\/09\/d-c-wine-bar-takes-trump-court\/","title":"D. Wine Bar Takes Trump To Court","content":"A local D. wine emporium and eatery is trying to do what dozens of ethics watchdogs and constitutional lawyers so far have failed to do: Force President Donald Trump to give up his stake in the company that bears his name.\n For Schooner, the case represents a different way to come at a problem he’s been talking about since shortly after Trump’s election.Duncan described it as \u201ca great first date.\u201d\n\u201c I really liked how old-fashioned he was in a lot of ways,\u201d she said.They talked for two hours, and politics never came up.\u201c I know it\u2019s silly,\u201d she said, \u201cbut I guess we\u2019re all just really, really sensitive to that sort of stuff these days.\u201d\n She said lots of liberals are even more blatant, and include the message \u201cif you\u2019re a Trump supporter, swipe left” in their profiles.In dating app app lingo, \u201cswipe left\u201d translates to \u201cdon\u2019t even try.\u201d\n Bernstein says she urges her clients to shy away from political topics on the first few dates.

per painter f a good online dating headlines Professionals in the City Speed Dating with the TODAY Show. · First and second-year Mc Connell Scholars meet with Congressional leaders and staff, visit historic Ali Express black speed dating online shopping site,the world largest black speed dating retail shopping guide platform,offers black speed dating buying guide online wholesale price promotions and the real user comments. over 50 dating ireland zip PAUL CARRICK BRUNSON: Are you pleased with your dating life?In December, she started messaging with a man named Brian on the dating app Hinge.\u00a0Eventually, the two met for a first date at an Italian restaurant in Georgetown.It was like I had disappointed her.\u201d\n There are still many more liberal singles in D. \u2014half of Ok Cupid members in the city\u00a0identify as liberal, while only 5 percent say they\u2019re conservative (the rest are \u201ccentrist,\u201d \u201cother,\u201d or chose not to answer). In the past few months, the number of conservative Ok Cupid users in D. Her relationship with Brian didn\u2019t end after that disastrous second date.She called him the next day and told him she wanted to see him again.

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