Bob jones university race dating

The First Amendment gives Bob Jones University the freedom to create policies and guidelines under which we operate. Bob Jones University is a 73-year-old institution grounded in academic excellence and Biblical doctrine.

Our impeccable and respected academic credentials are the envy of many in the academic world.

How do you explain the sudden hatred and bigotry the University is subjected to by the media and the political "three tenors," Mc Cain, Gore, and Bradley, who sing the same off-pitch tune of the liberal left?

Isn't it really a compliment to Bob Jones University that the likes of John Mc Cain, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley seethe and fulminate against us?

The biblical account of Babel and God's response to it are historical fact."And a bit more: "Does the University believe that those who choose interracial marriage do so out of rebellion against God? It does believe, however, that often the promoters of it do so out of antagonism toward God because they are often the same entities that promote homosexuality, abortion, and other forms of social radicalism."And on the origin of their dating policy: "Did the University's dating policy originate to regulate black-white relationships? It was first stated in the mid-1950s when dealing with an Asian-Caucasian dating couple.

At that time, Christians nationwide understood that interracial marriage was best avoided."On Catholicism: "We love the practicing Catholic and earnestly desire to see him accept the Christ of the Cross, leave the false system that has enslaved his soul, and enjoy the freedom of sins forgiven that is available for any of us in Christ alone."On the modern church: "The shameful departure from the Scripture by that which calls itself the church so that it might mirror unregenerate society has become profound in the last 40 years.

Anyway, despite my concerns, I’m giving you permission to allow my son to date women of other races. It’s probably a good idea to allow him to inter-date. By the way, you're right about television: It is definitely evil. Fundamentally and separately yours, Bob Jones III." A friend of mine is quite proud of Bob Jones University, her alma mater, so if I don’t write a column next week, you’ll know that she has killed me.

I’m doing this partly because my son isn’t having any luck with the Asian women on campus. That’s why I was so reluctant to appear on "Larry King Live." But I like Larry.

“We basically accept that there are three races — Caucasians, Negroes and Orientals. Orientals can’t date Caucasians and neither of them can date Negroes.

I’m sure most professional golfers agree with me. Here at Bob Jones, we admit students of various races, including black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic and Pakistani. "I don’t judge people by the color of their skin," she says. They are open and encouraging to all students." But even she thinks the idea of a permission note is "stupid." Bob Jones III explained the note like this: "When you date interracially or marry interracially, it cuts you off from people." That reminds me of four interracial couples I know.

If it wasn’t for an interracial marriage, they wouldn’t have to deal with Tiger Woods. Regarding your question about your son’s looks, let me say this: As Christians, we’re taught not to judge people on their appearance. Because of him, we’ve had to replace several mirrors. They’ve been happily married for many years and have produced 12 beautiful children. One of these days, when they least expect it, they’re going to be cut off from people. Hey Bob Jones III, here’s a note from me: A good way to cut yourself from people is to be concerned about their race.

Would we not be embarrassed if they, with their philosophies, spoke well of us?

The great divide is between our biblical world view and their humanistic world view."Regarding interracial dating and interracial marriage: "Students of all races attend here and live in racial harmony and respect for one another as Christians. For there to be discrimination, one race would have to be treated differently from the other."More on interracial couples: "Is there a Bible verse or passage that teaches against interracial marriage? Is there a Bible principle upon which the University's interracial dating stance is founded? The one-world principle--every effort man has made, or will make, to bring the world together in unity--plays into the hand of Antichrist.

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