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In 1963 the Royal Warwickshire Regiment became the Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers, and on 23rd April 1968 it merged with three other English Fusilier regiments to form the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The Antelope is not mentioned by name, but it appears in Colonel Napier’s drawing of the Colours, 1747.

However, if there is any truth in this legend, it is more likely that the standard was that of a Moorish regiment, using the Antelope to denote its African roots, and was captured at Saragossa in 1710.

Another theory suggests that the device is linked to Sir Walter Vane, sometimes described as the first Colonel of the Sixth Foot.

A Maharajah presented them with another Billy in 1877; this one returned home with the Battalion in 1880, accompanied them to Ireland and died there in 1888.

Back in1857 the British army had been increased, and this saw the permanent establishment of a 2nd battalion within the Regiment.

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