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” is much more likely to get a click than simply placing a raw URL like or a raw string of HTML code that reads as gibberish!However, to convert HTML to links and turn text into a link, you have to know how to convert code into text, which we will look at next.Within the string of HTML code will be a specific URL or destination, and all you need to do is highlight and copy this, and then paste the raw link or URL itself into the hyperlink area for your fragment of text.You can convert link to HTML code easily too, if you want to place a hyperlink into the coding section of your website, rather than into the text.

HTML code fragments and URL’s are types of link that can be followed to jump to another website, page or destination – which is exactly what you want your prospects to do when they view your affiliate content.

Highlight the text you want to link using your left mouse button, and then click the hyperlink button.

You will then see a field to enter the URL, and you simply need to copy the URL into it and click “save” or “action” if prompted, before closing the field. Say you want to use an affiliate link that is provided to you as raw HTML – or you want to take the link code from a banner to turn into a text link – you need to convert HTML to link code.

• To convert HTML to URL links is also simple – just pick the full URL out of the HTML code fragment, copy it, and paste it to the destination of your choice.

Using affiliate links and generating interest is how you bring traffic to your affiliate partners and earn commissions.

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