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Right: A second nautilus shell partly exposed on a foreshore boulder, also on the foreshore at Monmouth Beach. Edmonds, Discover Dorset - Fossils; The Geology of Britain, P. Picture credits: Crinoid by 'imran kmm' at ichthyosaur reconstruction, uk; plesiosaur by Doug Henderson.

References: British Lower Jurassic Stratigraphy, M. Toghill; A Dynamic Stratigraphy of the British Isles, A. Safety notice: Fossil hunting can at times pose a risk to personal safety, in particular within environments close to the coast, cliffs or in quarries and when using the tools and equipment illustrated.

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shines with heart and hope in the face of prejudice. When Nena and I lived in Richmond for about a year, I went on a little writing retreat with some author friends (hi Phil and Bill!

Stratigraphic principles may be useful to determine the relative age of volcanic rocks.

Another method for determining mineralogy is to use X-ray diffraction, in which a powdered sample is bombarded by X-rays, and the resultant spectrum of crystallographic orientations is compared to a set of standards.

Fun Fact: Tom Ryan's novel, Keep This To Yourself, sold to Albert Whitman the day my son was born.

Ringing rocks, also known as sonorous rocks or lithophonic rocks, are rocks that resonate like a bell when struck, such as the Musical Stones of Skiddaw in the English Lake District; the stones in Ringing Rocks Park, in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; the Ringing Rocks of Kiandra, New South Wales; and the Bell Rock Range of Western Australia.

Study material, overviews of certain topics and older works are often found as books.

Many works before the plate tectonics paradigm shift in the 1960s and 1970s contains inaccurate information regarding the origin of magmas.

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