Boys and dating expectations

Some people are so perpetually laid-back I’m surprised they know how to stand up straight.

That’s just not me and I’m quick to make guys aware of my expectations early on.

A guy that isn’t willing to drop everything for me once in a while isn’t the kind of guy I want in my life. I’m living my life authentically and unapologetically.

If a guy doesn’t like me for who I am, I’m not going to stick around for long.

“It’s not your parents’ dating anymore,” concedes Robin Gurwitch, a clinical psychologist at the Duke Center for Child and Family Health.

Yes, the prom as we knew it still exists, but even its drama pales in comparison to today’s boy-girl relationship issues.I’m a little bit high strung and I need someone that’s okay with that. I have to admit, I’m in awe of all these new dating terms that seem to pop up every day.Negging, ghosting, and back burner relationships all have one thing in common: they’re all ridiculous BS.I like guys that are a little high maintenance too.What can I say, I like a well-dressed man that’s not afraid to indulge in a charcoal mask from time to time.

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