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In this well documented article we unearth the hellish tomb of Halloween to exhume its sinister "covenant with death and hell." By Dr. This is the original publication of the Moody Bible Institute before it became the Moody Monthly.

This publication contains numerous articles, news items, and interesting advertisements. This PDF file is 4 MB's in size, 52 full-sized pages, and is printable. Originally called, "Russellism Unveiled" after their founder, Charles T. A booklet that investigates the historical origins, teachings, and practices, of this cult in light of the Bible.

The pastor has never responded to these very reasonable questions written by a faithful member of his church. Fascinating historical reading from the "Philadelphian Church Age." "Record of Christian Work" originally called "Evangelistic Record." PDF facsimile copies from hard-to-find microfiche. This PDF file is 1.3 MB's in size, 33 pages, and is printable. Read how much Logsdon regretted his association with this corrupt translation. The classic 323-page book detailing the pagan origins of various Roman Catholic traditions such as baptismal regeneration, the Sacrifice of the Mass, the rosary, idol processions, the sign of the cross, the Papacy, justification by works, and others. times more lives than all the illegal drugs combined?

Quality of copies vary but are usually readable and printable, especially later issues after 1881 - about 3 to 4.5 MB's each issue. Now see this online book in an easy to browse format. Who costs the American people 130 billion dollars every year to mop up it's blood-bath of human slaughter?

We also offer this hard-bound book at our online bookstore at a greatly reduced price. The lost need to see that our Christianity has not only changed our eternal destination but made us better all-around people. Millions of Catholics travel to shrines to pray before her image. A booklet that traces the beginnings of this movement started by William Miller and his followers.

Search this Church Directory found on to find a good church near you. Every time the Jews, God's chosen people, are persecuted and oppressed, serious ramifications result. A three-part expose of this very popular post-modern belief system infecting evangelicalism and even some Bible-believing churches.

Donald Harper, president of the association, began with a simple suicide attempt -- CUT TO: . CAMERA DOLLIES towards Sydney landing in a CLOSE UP of his feet on the ledge, they wobble a bit -- he jumps, disappears from FRAME. The following happens very quickly: ANGLE, looking up towards the sky... I'll shoot you in the face and end this argument and we see who's right -- NARRATOR And when the shotgun accidentaly went off, Sydney just happend to pass -- The OLDER WOMAN stumbles a bit on some furniture and the SHOTGUN goes off -- FIRES past the OLDER MAN's head -- and SMASHES the window behind him -- SYDNEY falls past and gets shot in the stomach, then falls out of FRAME -- (They're oblivious to this) OLDER MAN You CRAZY FUCKIN' BITCH WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FREEZE FRAME on the two of them yelling and screaming: NARRATOR Added to this, the two tenants turned out to be: Fay and Arthur Barringer. CUT TO: CAMERA moves through the scene as POLICEMAN and DETECTIVES question the OLDER COUPLE. NARRATOR When confronted with the charge, which took some figuring out for the officers on the scene of the crime, Fay Barringer swore that she did not know that the gun was loaded. I'm gettin' up there, though: I'm 32 years old and I'm six feet two inches tall and I weigh about 160.

A seventeen year old kid SYDNEY BARRINGER steps up on to the roof of a nine story building and looks down. FAY BARRINGER I didn't know -- I didn't know -- ARTHUR BARRINGER She always threatens me with the gun, but I don't keep it loaded -- DETECTIVE -- and you didn't load the gun? CUT TO: CAMERA moves through as OFFICERS are talking to and getting statements from VARIOUS NEIGHBORS... I'm really interested in meeting someone special who likes quiet is very stressful and I'd hope to have a relationship that is very calm and undemanding and loving -- The SOUND again of the touch-tone phone cancels Jim's description.

They were identified as: A COATED MAN standing in the shadows of the alley way nearby. He's crying and mumbling to himself: CRAIG HANSEN ..God.... Replay of Craig Hansen's suicide, except this time, right before he blows his head off we hear him say, through tears: CRAIG HANSEN ...forgive me... CAMERA pushes in towards him quickly, this time moving into his COAT POCKET -- NARRATOR The suicide was confirmed by a note, left in the breast pocket of Sydney Barringer -- DISSOLVE INTO: CAMERA catches glimpses of the note, " I'm sorry..." " this time..." "..I will go " " with God..." NARRATOR At the same time young Sydney stood on the ledge of this nine story building, an argument swelled three stories below -- QUICK DISSOLVE TO: CAMERA pushes in towards the door of ROOM 638. I correct a wrong or right a situation; Then I'm a happy cop.

OPTICAL WIPE OF FLAMES FILL THE SCREEN, CAMERA PULLS BACK: (35mm/color/anamorphic now) CAMERA is in the midst of a large FORREST FIRE. It heads off full of water towards the raging forrest fire in the distance. He walks through a courtyard, past some young mexican and black kids playing, up a staircase and arrives at a door that is half open; JIM KURRING Hello? JIM KURRING Quietly, slow down, whoa -- MARCIE You can't just come in here.

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