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Initially, Gomme's success did not last into the early sixties. The new G-Plan range for 1960 was not inspiring; it was yet another variation on tola, black and brass, which was already old fashioned.Gomme introduced numerous different designs in an attempt to recapture the magic G-Plan formula.The severe and functional Limba bedroom range, designed by Leslie Dandy, ought to have been a best seller.Limba was veneered in a straight grain wood to make matching easy, but it stood on metal legs and looked a little like office furniture. Limba was too advanced for its time; retailers soon cursed it as they were stuck with pieces of the unpopular Limba range in their showrooms.G-Plan Fresco featured deeply sculptured handles and legs, combined with strongly patterned teak veneers.The new G-Plan Fresco dining set for 1967 had an extendible circular table and four dining chairs with padded circular seats and backs.It introduced a large, rounded swivel armchair with wings.It was available in several fabrics, but the buttoned black vinyl was a sixties style classic.

In those days 'G-Plan' was a generic term for modern furniture in the way we still use 'Hoover' for vacuum cleaners.

The circle theme was a favourite of mid-sixties' design.

The chairs had sculptured legs finishing in a circle at the top and bottom. It had the distinctive sculptured handles, which on the drawers appeared to imitate a smile.

It was in the latest fashion of the era and looked stunning.

The G Plan Danish sideboard sold for 61 10s [897 in todays money], which was rather expensive for a mass-market piece.

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