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Company Final Accounts: Books of Account, Preparation of Final Accounts, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Requirements of Schedule VI concerning Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet, Preparation of Simple Company Final Accounts.

Various fields of application of computers, Various fields of computer(Hardware, Software, Human ware and Firmware), Adavantages and Limitations of computer, Block diagram of computer, Function of different units of computer, Classification of computers i.

Binomial distribution; Poisson distribution; Normal distribution and their applications.

: Theory of estimation; Point estimation (Properties of good estimators); Interval estimation; Test of hypothesis; Test of hypothesis concerning Mean; Test of hypothesis concerning Proportion; Test of hypothesis concerning Standard Deviation.

Preamble: The objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge of statistical tools to the students to enable them to make statistical analysis in business/industry, which are also highly important for further studies in management.

As it is an application oriented course so derivation/ proofs can be omitted.

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Introduction: Concept, nature, process and significance of management; Managerial levels, skills, functions and roles; Management Vs.

Unit 5 - Shares and Share Capital: Shares, Share Capital, Accounting Entries, Undersubscription, Oversubscription, Calls in Advance, Calls in Arrears, Issue of Share at Premium, Issue of Share at Discount, Forfeiture of Shares, Surrender of Shares, Issue of Two Classes of Shares, Right Shares.Unit 3 Capital and Revenue: Classification of Income, Classification of Expenditure, Classification of Receipts, Difference between Capital Expenditure & Capitalized Expenditure, Revenue Recognition.Accounting Concept of Income: Concept of Income, Accounting Concepts and Income Measurement, Expired Coast & Income Measurement, Relation Principle and Income Measurement, Accountants and Economists Concept of Capital Unit 4 Inventory Valuation: Meaning of Inventory, Objectives of Inventory Valuation, Inventory Systems, Methods of Valuation of Inventories, Accounting Standard 2 (Revised): Valuation of Inventories.What turns me on: Usually Im shy and innocent, but in front of my webcam Im a naughty girl who loves to play sexual games and have them filmed [:-)]….I AM THE QUEEN OF BOOBS )) What turns me off: Theres no way to know All about me since I learning new things about myself every day.

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