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We no longer settle for kitchen ovens with small windows and underpowered burners. A tremendous potential for new features and new functions that enhance the cooking experience and make the time-honored tradition of barbecue even better is available through SCHOTT NEXTREMA’s ability to withstand extreme conditions enable conventional barbecue grills to become glass grills with transparent lids from the handle to the hinge, burner shields that are nearly self-cleaning and corrosion free, and other possibilities yet to be uncovered.

Independent, efficient and full of good ideas Stoll is one of the few manufacturers worldwide, who produces their own electronic equipment. Apart from being flexible and reliable, productivity is a key element for the modern knitting machines. If you have questions about specific areas, please use the appropriate area fields. It is an open secret that Stoll is interested in accelerating production.The interior of the glass composite light guide – a fiber glass known as the soul – shines with homogeneous, powerful light.The clad surrounding the soul is thermally toughened, making it extremely strong and resistant to chemical substances, heat and moisture.

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