Candidating for methodist ministers

Nevertheless, she can rejoin the denomination at any time, the leaders said.Mikita, an attorney, said she knew that by officiating at a same-sex wedding, she was putting her clergy candidacy at risk but she said her love for her friend, the Rev. However, she disputes that she surrendered her church membership.United Methodists call this phase: Completing Candidacy." Robert Allen has been a full-time writer for more than a decade.He previously worked in information technology as a network engineer.As you prepare for it in the months and years ahead, we will stand with you and offer you our fullest support.Spirit of the living God, we pray for Name as he/she prepares to answer your call.Renew your candidacy yearly and attend a University or theological school.

If you are a United Methodist desiring to become a minister, you'll go through a well-defined process to become ordained.

The process begins as a period of exploration and discernment, followed by the formal application and support of one’s candidacy application by her or his local church and district.

After a mentoring process and becoming officially certified by the district committee, candidates complete additional requirements set by their annual conference, including education and ongoing interviews with a district committee and conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

By getting an online ordination through another denomination, a United Methodist clergy candidate has dropped out of the ordination process and abandoned her church membership, church leaders said.

Michigan Area leaders offered that explanation in a Sept. Using credentials from the Universal Life Church, Mikita officiated at the same-sex wedding of the Rev. The leaders said they wanted to set the record straight after multiple social media posts said the church had “excommunicated” Mikita.

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