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"There are several things that led up to this, and she really couldn't take the pressure any longer,” the source reportedly told .

"[Spelling] tries to be the best mom she can be, but with five children and terrible financial issues, her marriage has suffered tremendously." A source claims that that initial phone call on Wednesday night was reported to be classified as a "female mental call," resulting in the police responding.

Even more troubling for friends and family, the source explained, is that amid all her problems, Spelling is considering having a sixth child.

While it wasn't originally clear why the police were called, we may now know the reasoning thanks to further investigation.

According to 's ongoing coverage, a source claims that Spelling's alleged breakdown was caused by a variety of concerns related to her marriage, her children and her finances.

Tori Spelling may or may not be going through something serious right now, and the reports emerging from multiple news outlets seem to indicate the former.

There is one report in particular from a former contestant on reports that on the evening of Wednesday, Feb.

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