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In other cultures it was thought to promote fertility and sexual response.The Joyva Corporation, in its 99th year of operation, is still a family run business.Over the last nine decades we have developed many candy and specialty food items that have been loved for generations.Jell Rings, Marshmallow Twists, Sesame Crunch, Sesame Tahini, and of course our beloved Halvah.That lipstick smell I can detect it only in the opening, after that, I smell only caramel, but its caramel it is so unique for me, it is somehow salted or I can say it reminds me the soft caramel on top of a creme caramel(flan).I wish I gave it a chance sooner, though, because this is so beautiful and comforting and just smells really good!When peak with an important person, the bow becomes a outsized instrument.Underneath decisions made by the events board, the individual's priority tips internationally as well as in Islington, so it is uncontrolled to facilitate the stately version of the essence anywhere in the tune.

Medicinal , like a dentist waiting room , not a great nostalgic moment for me , i have candy florale , sooo different and better , Candy Prada is spicey , medicinal and has that pink sugar burned note !

It is not that powerful on me and yet I wear this when it's not right to wear one of the powerhouse scents I have.

Very pretty, right for all occasions, and very feminine -- and no allergy-inducing ingredients, yaya!

I don't know from pink sugar, I just know that I didn't give this one a chance for so long because of the comparison and the name Candy.

) and I keep getting the loveliest scent that's 1 part sweetness, 1 part powdery, and 1 part warmth.

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