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This is his report:`In 1532 the Shroud was being kept inside a silver casket stored in the Sainte Chapelle, Chambéry, when a fire nearly destroyed the building.

The intense heat melted a corner of the casket, scorching the folded linen within, and producing the now familiar scorch marks on the Shroud.

Because the Shroud is known to have existed from at least 1355[19][Right (click to enlarge): Pilgrim's badge from the Shroud's historical debut at Lirey, France in c.1355[20].]the flax would have to have been harvested in 1350, spun into fibre, woven into linen, and the image imprinted on the Shroud, all within 5 years!

And it would mean that the Arizona laboratory's pretreatment of their Shroud sample would have had to have been perfect, removing all non-original carbon.

Table 1 in the 1989 Nature paper[9] lists what appears to be the unique identifiers of each of the three laboratories' Shroud ("Sample 1") and the other samples:[Above (click to enlarge): Table 1 in the 1989 Nature paper showing the Shroud's unique identifying code as the first letter of each laboratories' name, a dot, and then the numeral "1".

A note below the table explained: This code was allocated to each laboratory (e.g.

I am persuaded by the evidence that the Shroud of Turin is the burial sheet of Jesus Christ and bears His crucified and resurrected image.A1, O1, Z1 for Arizona, Oxford and Zurich's Shroud samples)[Left: Oxford radiocarbon laboratories' Shroud sample identification code "O1," one of their control samples "O3," and their stainless steel cylinders and wax seal[11].]respectively ) by the British Museum's Prof.Michael Tite who gave them their Shroud and control samples with those identification codes:"The representatives from the three laboratories left with their nine steel cylinders and a letter.Finally the hacker's program could automatically order its own deletion when the dating of the Shroud would have been completed (e.g. the next sample-the Shroud of Turin" As with the "OX1" (oxalic acid 1-see below) sample, each sample, including each of the two Shroud samples (see below) evidently had a unique identifier, since those reading the results on the computer screen knew which sample each was from. Gove had earlier explained what the order of the samples dated were:"Eight of the ten samples in this first historic load were OX1, OX2, blank, two shroud and three controls. There may have been some duplicate controls and/or another OX.after 3 months), leaving no trace of its temorary existence[7].• "The first sample run was OX1. The OX1 and OX2 are standard samples made from oxalic acid ..."[8].

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